I Have Faith in Him

Greetings, dearest visitor. You have found Querencia, a tribute to Kaneki Ken and Kirishima Touka (otherwise known as Touken or Kanetou by the fandom) from the Tokyo Ghoul series by Ishida Sui. The term ‘Kanetou’ is used by Japanese fans, but ‘Touken’ is more commonly used by international fandom, therefore the latter form will be used throughout this site. This site also serves as the approved fanlisting for their relationship. Feel free to join if you’re a fan!

I would like to warn you that this shrine has UNMARKED SPOILERS, up to chapter 149 of the latest manga installment (Tokyo Ghoul: Re). The writings on this site are solely based on the manga, and not on any other part of the franchise. Only the first page of Introduction part can be considered spoiler-free. Please tread lightly! You can use the navigation on the top of the page to look around this site. Thank you, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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